We Interrupt This Schedule...

Saturday, a group of men from the church came over to help build our deck. I am overwhelmed at the sacrificial servanthood these men and their wives who released them, displayed. The double blessing was that my boys were able to see biblical manhood in action, not just through daddy, but through a group of other men with skills daddy doesn’t have. How kind of God to provide the church to give more examples of what it means to be a humble servant leader. These guys were amazing with my boys. They let them participate and patiently taught them how to hammer, use cool tools, etc. This was not on our schedule, but it was on God’s schedule, and I am grateful for His provision of role models through a group of hard working, humble men. Thanks to any of the wives who might be reading this. You are my heroes as well. Releasing your husbands on their day off to build a deck is a huge sacrifice, and one I don’t take lightly. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.


Danielle said...

You're wecome! It wasn't much of a sacrifice, really! Josh said Caleb was really into it, and even got to use power tools! He said he asked you first, though. I told him that was a good move.

use it & often she said...

yippie! deck party this summer!

funtimes for the reyes family -
us it & often.

enjoy - enjoy - enjoy
- tracey