Schedule Day Four: Exhaustion

Friday's theme was definitely fatigue. It isn't that I'm doing anything all that difficult. But in order to keep the kids on a schedule, I have had to get more vigilent with my own schedule (back on track with rising early, getting the housework done as opposed to putting it off like I was before, etc.). So what I'm trying to determine now is if I have been overly ambitious on a few of our days, or if my body is just going through an adjustment period. I'll know more after next week. I was so grateful for the final article Carolyn wrote about scheduling. She quotes D.A. Carson
“So many Christians today identify themselves with some ‘single issue’ (a concept drawn from politics) other than the cross, other than the gospel. It is not that they deny the gospel. If pressed, they will emphatically endorse it. But their point of self-identification, the focus of their minds and hearts, what occupies their interest and energy is something else” (The Cross and Christian Ministry, p. 63).”
Sheduling, though it is proving to be a huge blessing, is not my "single issue", and I pray it doesn't become such. I hope that though I have spent time blogging about my adventures into schedule world, that I have not in any way made other moms feel badly if they aren't having a schedule, or feel discouraged because as they've implemented their schedule it hasn't gone as smoothly. Because I am just starting with the schedule, it is requiring a lot of mind-focus and energy, but I anticipate that as it becomes a part of the rhythm of our lives it will be less consuming. The other part of Carolyn's final exhortation that was helpful was that a schedule must be implemented humbly. I don't want to attempt this in my own feeble strength. I can see where in the beginning, I was acutely aware of my need for God's help to do this. Now, even in just a few days, I find myself praying less and less throughout the day for help and stamina. How kind of God to remind me through Carolyn's words, that pride is emerging in the form of self sufficiency, and it will lead to a fall. But grace is near as I humbly remain dependent on Him.


FishMama said...

Do you mind posting your schedule? The GirlTalker schedules didn't exactly match our family profile. Yours is a little closer, so I'd love to see what it looks like at someone else's house.

Beth said...

As far as a schedule is concerned: You have done what a lot of us have been planning on doing, hoping to do or just knew that we needed something to keep us from regular old monotony. Your blog has been great and inspiring and a wonderful example for us all. God put you in front of us because you are a wonderful mother with a ton of great Biblical knowledge to share with us. If we do, or do not share the same views or ideas that you impart, you still are a blessing. The one thing that we do share the same is our Love for the Savior and our focus as the Cross. Thank you as usual :-)

Kristie said...

Thanks for this peek into real life scheduling. I know for our household that even if we only accomplish half the things on our schedule, it's still more than we would get done with no schedule at all. It's really helpful to see where the time goes. Helps us to set more realistic expectations - not perfect, but better.