Moving With Danielle

I am moving with Danielle. Well, not exactly. I'm moving to Word Press with Danielle. You can find me at ordinarymother.wordpress.com. Or, just click here. By the way, if you are using bloglines, you will need to add the wordpress account. Can't wait to show you my new place!


Briana Almengor said...

Love the graphic here and at the top of your new site.
May I ask why you switched over?
Was it hard?
Do you lose all your stuff on blogspot?
I've been thinking of combining my current two sites and just having one since I don't really write at JudahandTucker anymore.
But, I'm also not as faithful with writing on my blog as you and Danielle..so, would it be worth my while to make the jump?

Suzanne said...

I'm with Briana - why the switch and what are the advantages.?

Laurie said...

Hey gals! I switched primarily to have a categories section. i can organize my posts into little categories like "spiritual" "quotable kiddos" "recipes" etc. Once I went and checked it out I found other fun stuff as well like seperate pages for other things. Bri, this would be great for your blog because you could have a page set apart just for Judah's medical stuff and prayer requests etc. Another thing I like about Word Press is that you don't mess with the html stuff at all, so its easy to use. It seems like they are adding stuff all of the time to make it even better.